Negotiation Cloudbook

We have created a cutting edge tool to help you become an expert negotiator. It is our Negotiation Mastery Cloudbook. The Negotiation Mastery Cloudbook by Joe Hernandez is an important tool for retaining the material covered in the Negotiation Competency Workshops. This is a new and innovative approach to learning which allows the user access to information presented by the expert at any time, from any place using your mobile device or browser on you PC. The information is presented in a chapter format so that the user can access the specific material needed at the time they need it most. And, the information is presented in either video, written or slide format so that the student can pick the delivery that best suits their needs at the time.

The best method for retention of information is repetition. With this Cloudbook, students can more effectively and more efficiently transform themselves into great negotiators in a fraction of the time typically needed to learn these critical skills.

The Negotiation Mastery Cloudbook utilizes cloud based networking technology. Content in the Negotiation Cloudbook is considered dynamic. Unlike other e-learning solutions or books, the Negotiation Cloudbook may be updated during the course of your subscription with new and current material.


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