The Corporate Training Program

The Program

The corporate training program represents a company’s long-term commitment to a core competency in negotiation skills. We help companies leverage our processes built on science and proven in the real world. The corporate program is different that our other offerings in that it represents a more integrated relationship with an organization.

We work with our corporate clients to customize the terminology, challenges, power positions and concession strategies to match our customer’s market. Furthermore, we offer the delivery of the training program in two modes; Train-The-Trainer and The Lionshare Workshops.

Train-The-Trainer Certification

In the train-the-trainer model the corporate training team attends a 3-day certification training program at the Lionshare corporate offices in Denver. During the training in Denver the participants start a 17-point trainer program that includes certification in these key areas and more:

  • Selling vs. Negotiating
  • Anchoring
  • Boundary Assessment
  • Concession Strategy
  • Training class facilitation and coaching
  • Architecting Deals
  • Creating MESOs

The training also includes observation, coaching and feedback of several full-day training sessions at our customer’s location and administered by Lionshare negotiation consultants.

Lionshare Workshops Program

The Lionshare workshops are a great option for companies that don’t have their own corporate training department but want to increase company performance by training the entire organization on the Lionshare Negotiation Program. We provide trainers who will conduct workshops at customer locations on a schedule that allows quick adoption across the customer’s employee base. The faster everyone learns the processes and how to use the tools, the faster the company’s negotiation results will improve.


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