Corporate Training Program

The Lionshare Corporate Program

When a company’s revenue and growth objectives are aggressive, when they need each deal to a great one, when the market is challenging your business with competition for business, these companies turn to Lionshare to help them succeed. Lionshare Negotiations is a negotiation training and consulting company. For the past 15 years Lionshare has been testing and refining some very powerful strategies, processes, and tools that help buyers and sellers get great outcomes consistently…not just once in a while, but in every negotiation. Our program is the result of working on hundreds of high stakes deals and working with academics from Harvard, Kellogg, and the University of Denver for the most current findings in the science of negotiation. The difference we bring is that we at Lionshare are the people that go out and skin our knees and bloody our noses to learn what really works in the real world…out in the field…in real high stakes negotiations.

Our program is specifically designed for corporations and involves infusing a competency and a culture around achieving great deal outcomes. We create a common language to help leaders and managers coach their people in the negotiation process. This has not existed before and has a powerful and significant impact on an organizations ability to better plan, prepare, and execute negotiations. We provide tools to ensure your outcomes are the best possible, and a process that is tested, proven, and has generated billions of dollars in contracts. Most important, we can customize the program to meet your specific challenges and needs.

The program includes:

  • Specific leadership workshops to ensure that the process is incorporated from the top down
  • Train the trainer certification that involves an extensive checklist of competencies to make your trainers experts so they can have the knowledge and impact needed to teach these skills throughout your company
  • Access to processes, strategies, and materials that are updated continuously to reflect the latest in the science of negotiation
  • A set of powerful tools that your company can use to plan, prepare, and execute your negotiations, and imagine having a dashboard for each deal that shows with a glance how well you are doing
  • On-going support, updates as new discoveries are made, assistance with specific situations, and a life line for some of your most material deals

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company become competent at one of the most important skills it can possess because companies that have a competency in negotiations…grow! And, they grow faster than the rest!


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