The Lionshare Negotiation Process Toolkit™

We have developed a set of tools to ensure that your outcomes are successful. The toolkit is an interactive web-based software application that enables you properly prepare and execute negotiations. The software intuitively guides you thru each step of the process with multiple-choice questions, drop down selections and a concise dashboard report.

Lionshare Power Assessment Tool™

  1. Provides a methodical way to determine what level of power and leverage you have going into the negotiation.
  2. Calculates the level of power and leverage of the other side.
  3. Presents a confidence factor and certainty range of each side’s power position.
  4. Compares the level of power for both sides to help you determine your pre-negotiation plans and actions.

Lionshare Boundary Assessment Tool™

  1. How far you can push the other side before they will likely walk away.
  2. Walk away position to help you avoid getting a deal where you are worse off than had you not done the deal at all.
  3. Target position and how to establish that position with high aspirations without the risk of losing the deal.
  4. Table Stakes so you know what exactly you are negotiating for and how to best attain it.
  5. How much you can give away in the negotiation. Not knowing this could kill your margins, your top line, and your deal altogether.
  6. How to establish your starting position in such a way that you are leaving room for the negotiation to take place and win.

Lionshare Concession Strategy Tool™

  1. Engages a powerful set of planning elements to help you manage the concession process.
  2. Provides a method for determining your concessions, placing a value on those concessions so you know the financial impact of each one, how to make your concessions, and how to identify the valuable assets you should be asking for in return for your concessions.
  3. Proven methods to keep strong value in deal outcomes and expanding the size of deals by multiples of what was originally thought possible.

Lionshare Deal Element Builder Tool™

  1. Provides a system for identifying the deal elements to be included in the deal
  2. Captures the value of the deal elements important to you and to the other side, and
  3. Identifies areas of concern or fear and transforms them into powerful and valuable deal elements to be included in your deal.
  4. Creates a clear negotiation path avoiding one of the biggest oversights by negotiators of all levels which is not including deal elements that can drive outstanding outcomes.

Lionshare MESO Builder Tool™

  1. The most powerful tool available to negotiators today. It delivers step by step instructions on how to architect your offers.
  2. Demonstrates how to use the valuation of your offers to provide powerful advantages, and how to deliver your offer to ensure the very best outcome possible.
  3. Builds a strategy allowing the other side to complete the negotiation feeling good about the outcome even when you capture the Lion’s share of what is on the table. This helps position your deal to allow for more business with the other side in the future and ensures maximum opportunity for growth with a partner that enjoys doing business with you.


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