Lionshare Company Overview

Lionshare is a negotiation training and consulting company. We work with companies to plan and assess their most important negotiations. We also provide negotiation training programs to companies large and small.

We have trained hundreds of CEOs and thousands of buyers and sellers. Every week we are in front of CEOs and employees helping them get better deals.

For the past 15 years Lionshare has been testing and refining some very powerful strategies, processes, and tools that help buyers and sellers get great outcomes consistently…not just once in a while, but in every negotiation. Our program is the result of working on hundreds of high stakes deals and working with academics from Harvard, Kellogg, and the University of Denver for the most current findings in the science of negotiation. The difference we bring is that we at Lionshare are the people that go out and skin our knees and bloody our noses to learn what really works in the real world…out in the field…in real high stakes negotiations.

The world of negotiation is changing. The reason behind this change is the internet. If you think about it, in the early 1980’s and before…there was not a proliferation of the internet, we didn’t have access to Google or LinkedIn. As a result, when people came to the table to negotiate, there was an information gap. Because of this gap in information, you had to get information from the other party in order to respond…we were forced to be reactive negotiators.

But, not any more. Today We live in an information rich…data rich environment. Now, when people come to the table to negotiate…everyone is pretty smart…there is no information gap. We must make the shift from being reactive negotiators to being proactive negotiators. Bottom line is that if your organization can’t make the shift – you will not get great outcomes!

At Lionshare, we have a deep conviction to building everyone’s negotiation skills. Being a good negotiator changes the trajectory of a person’s entire career. From working with customers, working internally in companies and advancing their own careers. We have this ideal that we can help make the world a better place….one really good deal at a time.

While we focus on the individual, the results also have a dramatic impact on the companies where they work. Deals take less time to close, they have better margins, cross selling and upselling happen all the time, and the deals create and set the stage for growth.

Lionshare is about changing the way the entire world interacts while getting better deal done, and improving results thru more efficient effective negotiations. We believe that there is no more important skill than negotiation to advance a career, a company’s position in the industry, or deliver exceptional growth. We believe this because we’ve seen it time and again…companies with a competency in negotiation GROW…and…they grow FASTER THAN THE REST!


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