The Lionshare Negotiation System

Companies use our system to avoid bad deals and consistently negotiate great deals.

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Why Customers Come to Us

Companies come to us when they don’t have a proven and consistent path to getting great deal outcomes.
In fact, they don’t even know how to measure if they are getting the best deals possible.
Some symptoms include uncertainty about deal outcomes, stagnated growth, tightening margins, missing financial objectives, cost-cutting measures to improve EBITDA, and constant requests from sales for price decreases to compete.

How we Help

We help them by delivering a system that guides their deal makers (Senior Executives, Sales Professionals, Buyers, Hiring Managers, Business Development) through a proven negotiation process, and arms them with the most cutting-edge negotiating tools and strategies to ensure the best outcomes possible.
And, we give them a way to institutionalize their knowledge throughout the company in a durable way…to the point where it becomes a part of their culture.

What our System Provides

We give them the ability to improve their deals for a quick impact on revenue and margin which delivers true and material bottom line results…that can be measured.
We’ve seen our system produce highly competent and confident negotiators, and improve deal outcomes by up to 300%! In one case, our system enabled our customer to seize the number one position in the industry with just a few well-executed negotiations.

Take the Negotiation Performance Quiz

This is a simple 7 question 30-second quiz that will help you better understand how well you or your team are negotiating.

Achieve Measureable Success

Companies who are trained in the Lionshare negotiation process and use the negotiation performance system see signficant improvement in thier results.


Reduction in negotiation time to complete deals.


Increase in negotiator confidence.


Increase in average deal size

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