The Lionshare Negotiation System

Get the Lion’s share of every deal.

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Use a System, Get Better Results

Why Customers Come to Us

  • They get a system for their team that uses a proven process.
  • A common language to we use within the company to assist in navigating the negotiation process.
  • They learn with the most cutting-edge tools available today.

How we Help

  • We enable an immediate positive impact on revenue and margins.
  • You can measure your results.
  • You become highly competent and confident negotiators.  

What our System Provides

  • We develop highly confident and competent negotiators.
  • We provide a way to measure deal performance real-time.
  • We deliver the only negotiation system that illustrates and proves a clear ROI. 

The Worlds Most Complete and Proven Negotiation Performance System

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This simple 30-second quiz will help you better understand how well your team is negotiating.

Our Clients Attain Consistent & Measureable Success

Companies who are trained in the Lionshare negotiation process and use the negotiation performance system see signficant improvement in thier results.


Reduction in negotiation time to complete deals.


Increase in negotiator confidence.


Increase in average deal size

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