The Lionshare Negotiation System

Companies use our system to avoid bad deals and consistently negotiate great deals.

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We offer a simple no-hassle 7 question quiz to help you get a quick snapshot if your company would beneift from negotation training and possibly our negotiation performance system.


Assess Your Actual Results

Get a Negotiation Performance Assessment

We provide a straightforward assessment where we focus only on analyzing your current negotiation results. Below is a very high-level view of what we provide:

1. Discovery phase where we collect a meaningful sample size of data from previous negotiations. We talk to key team members for additional information about deal planning and outcomes.

2. Provide a written assessment of current negotiation performance with analysis on opening price offers, deal architecture, offer presentations, concessions strategies with gives/gains, and “at the table” negotiation methods.

3. Recommendations where we see improvement opportunities. This always includes steps your company can take on your own and we include services that Lionshare offers should you feel we are the right fit and the time is right for such undertakings.

Get Your Team Trained

Get Negotiation Competency Training

The Lionshare negotiation training workshops are full day immersive, interactive and provide skills people can use immediately after the workshop. This is not some theoretical fluff but instead is easy to understand principles with actionable processes to improve results immediately.

1. Participants learn why it is critical to make the first offer and how to set targets with high aspirations

2. Attendees learn how to architect deals and build concession strategies that not only protect margins and revenue, but grow deals by proving proven repeatable roadmap.

3. The confidence people gain from this training changes their results and improves their deal outcomes. There is no magic, just a proven process that works consistently.

Implement a Software Based System with Metrics

Negotiation Performance System

This is for companies that are true believers in the power of excellence in negotiations.  We provide a full sytem that includes software that is used by negotiators to construct all thier deals.

The system also comes with a dashboard and reporting metrics so the company can understand how well the team is preparing for negotiation, what they give and what they gain, how aggressive the initial offers are, and what the other side finds valuable.

Companies also benefit from a common platform where deals that are in-process can be evaluated and any necessary corrections made BEFORE the negotiations are completed.  These companies don’t miss opportunities to learn best practices based on thier own results and achieve better results than thier competition.

Get Custom Consulting on Your Most Important Deals

Negotiation Consulting

Selling or buying a company?

Need some help closing the biggest deal of your year or career?

We offer to consult and assess your negotiation to help you achieve great outcomes in your most important deals.

We have taken companies to No. 1 in their market by using our consulting services to exponentially grow thier businesses.

Take the Negotiation Performance Quiz

This is a simple 7 question 30-second quiz that will help you better understand how well you or your team are negotiating.

Why Should Your Company Use A Negotiation Performance System?

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