Lionshare is a negotiation training and consulting company. We have trained hundreds of CEO’s and thousands of their employees. Utilizing the latest in negotiating tools to address deal making in a high-tech, information-rich business environment, our program creates the most competent and skilled negotiators in business today.

Recent research shows that CEO’s expect their senior executives, sales professionals, and business development personnel to be highly competent negotiators.

In our high-tech, data-rich business environment, we need to change the way we negotiate. Those who don’t will be at a tremendous disadvantage.


Negotiation Competency

Our experience over the past 30 years proves that companies with a competency in negotiation grow. Lionshare has become the standard for companies whose strategic imperative is growth.

Negotiation Assistance

When the stakes are simply too high, you need the support of an expert. Lionshare assists negotiating teams with the latest strategies, tools, and processes to ensure the best outcomes possible.


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