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Collaborative Negotiators Create Bigger and Better Deals


Why hardball negotiators get poor outcomes.

Don’t Negotiate Before the Selling is Done


It’s critical negotiators understand the difference and know when to start negotiating.

Do You Have a Concession Strategy? If You Don’t You Could Destroy Your Deal!

The is a powerful article filling with important information to help you with planning and managing concessions

Ask for Something in Return

In this article, we discuss how you should always ask for something in return when making a concession.

How to Determine your Power and Leverage

Read this article for important information on power and leverage. Knowing this is critical in order to avoid giving too much away or leaving money on the table.

Hostage Negotiation Tactics for Business

While hostage negotiations are exciting and powerful, see how business negotiations differ in some very important ways.

Make the First Offer to Avoid Being Anchored

The internet has changed everything.  Negotiation has changed too and we must now make the first offer,  REad this article to find out why.


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