Why Lionshare?

Why Lionshare? What Makes us Unique?

  • We have a proven track record of boosting deal sizes by more than 50%. In some cases up to 300%.
  • We approach negotiations as a science with a set of proven tools and approaches that allow negotiators to attain great results consistently.
  • Our approach is not theory or concept, but tested in real world business negotiations of all sizes and in multiple industries.
  • Most negotiation training companies concentrate more on WHAT you need to do. At Lionshare, we concentrate on not only the WHAT, but exactly HOW to do it. The result is usable information and tools that allow you to take action and see results immediately.
  • The impact we have made on companies sets us apart from the rest.
    • Our approach has enabled companies to close the largest and most significant deals in their company’s history.
    • We have enabled companies to grow at rates well beyond expectations.
    • We have enabled companies to capture great valuations when being acquired.
    • In some cases, our approach has catapulted companies into the Number 1 position in their industry…architecting great deals was the key.
  • We have developed a set of tools and a dashboard to help negotiators plan, execute, and measure their success…something that has never existed before.
  • We create a culture of competency in deal architecture and negotiation that enables companies to out position, out compete, and close more and better deals than their rivals.
  • A few of the notable companies we have impacted include:
    • Dish
    • Verizon
    • SpaceX
    • Pacific Life
    • West Corporation
  • We do not provide an academic approach, but we do provide a real-world approach.
  • We have significant experience in multiple industries including technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, human resources, real estate, construction, distribution, finance, insurance, equipment, food and beverage, security, public safety, state and local government, federal government, education, and so much more.
  • We have navigated the world of RFPs, we have tools to ensure we avoid price only negotiations, we help negotiators attain power and leverage when it appeared they were in a low leverage position


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