Joe Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer – Founder

Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high-value negotiations skills and techniques.

As a professional negotiator and coach, Joe assists CEOs, senior executives, sales professionals, and buyers in preparing for their most important deals. In addition, he provides world-class negotiation training programs that change the way business people negotiate deals with immediate results. He has developed a unique methodology of negotiating that utilizes cutting-edge tools and processes. He shatters common beliefs about how to negotiate…unlocking exceptional results for his clients. Psychology and influence create a foundation for his approach, but more important are the tools he utilizes to ensure a successful outcome…every time.

He has proven that high level negotiating is about understanding human behavior, thorough preparation, and developing credible relationships across the table. Many negotiation coaches have insisted that all negotiations can be accomplished using only one proven methodology. Joe believes and has consistently proven over a 30-year career, that business negotiations are not the same as any other kind of negotiation. This is because business negotiations provide the opportunity to create more control, more options, and more reasons to reach an agreement.

Joe has negotiated contracts worth billions of dollars with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Motorola as well as numerous small and medium-sized businesses. He is an expert at high stakes business deals where maintaining relationships is critical, and where the outcome results in a material financial impact on the parties.

Joe has many years of experience in senior leadership positions where he ran large organizations to deliver next-generation technology solutions. Before founding Lionshare Negotiations, LLC, he held the position of Senior Vice President and Lead Negotiator for Intrado where he negotiated billions of dollars in high margin deals. He has worked for some of the most powerful corporations in the world including IBM and Xerox. In fact, at IBM, he was awarded their most prestigious sales honor as the number one ranked salesperson in the United States. In every position, he has consistently exceeded objectives by being an expert negotiator.

Joe is in demand as a lead consultant on high-value deals for clients worldwide, and his training programs and keynotes are intriguing, insightful, and eye-opening.


Chris Schau

Chief Operating Officer

It’s both exciting and humbling to assume such an important role as the COO at Lionshare. It’s an honor to be working with the founder of Lionshare Negotiations, my longtime friend and colleague, Joe Hernandez.

With over 25 years of sales and operations experience at companies like United Airlines, General Electric, IBM and others, I quickly saw what special and unique capabilities Joe and the team deliver to clients all over the globe.

My role as COO is two-fold.  First, my primary responsibility is ensuring that every day we earn and deserve the trust we receive from our clients as we continually help them build their negotiation skills and results. Secondly, I am leading the team managing the growth of Lionshare as we expand our team, and offer new services to our clients.

What I am the most excited about is the imminent launch of our Lionshare Negotiation Process Software™. Until now, you could not implement a companywide software tool that enables your negotiators and their management teams to plan, conduct and report on their negotiations. In the fast-changing world of 2019, we begin offering such a system.

The software contains many valuable components including an evaluation system to understand both sides power positions. From there the software helps you establish the table-stakes of every deal, build a concession strategy, create multiple offers, design and document your “at-the-table negotiation discussions. Negotiators can then leverage the software to manage concessions real time seeing the impact of every change to each deal.  Then it all culminates in a reporting package that identifies success and to turn those things into business specific best practices. Equally important, the data also shows improvement opportunities so you can avoid repeated pitfalls improving performance at individual and team levels. I assure you that you have never seen anything like this.  It’s a game changer that gives companies a major negotiation advantage.

But some things can’t and shouldn’t change. We remain as committed as ever to our training program and negotiation consulting processes that have proven over the past 15 years to be the gold standard of negotiation. Our careful research and real-world testing sets us apart in our industry and are the reason we continue to be trusted by clients to such a unique degree.

Negotiation is a human enterprise, and as such we know the deal-making landscape changes constantly. You can be sure that the entire staff at Lionshare is striving to stay at the cutting edge of negotiation science, provide the most powerful and proven tools, and set the highest possible standards in training and equipping negotiators with what they need to secure extraordinary outcomes.

I truly look forward to working with all of our clients, discussing unique challenges, and identifying opportunities to enhance the trajectory of negotiator’s and their company’s futures. The team at Lionshare is deeply grateful to all of our customer’s support for what we do. It’s an exciting and important era in our history. Our strong team is fully deployed to pursue deep, impactful and valuable negotiation services. It is a privilege for me to work and serve with them.


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