Negotiation Assist

The Assist

This service is a powerful deep dive into each of your key areas of the negotiation. First, we review the deal points to uncover any gaps. Then we assess the table stakes to determine of the key financial components are in place. Next, we review your offers to determine their readiness. Finally, we examine your concession strategy which is where you will work to complete your deal.

The review progresses by reviewing each of the deal points, THE MESO calculations, Reservation Points, and prepping for the negotiation discussion with the other side.

The session concludes with a clear action plan to close any gaps in the preparation process

Typical Questions We Review

  • Do you understand your Walk Away Point?
  • Why have you included these specific deal points?
  • How did you arrive at the calculated values?
  • What are the blind spots?

Areas Covered

  • Making the first offer
  • How to control the negotiation from the start
  • How to set up the Discussion and Presentation


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